Rainbow Nation

We live in a colourful world. So much variety, and now I am not talking of all the various distro’s out there, no. I am referring to people. Different shapes, sizes, languages, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, expectations, <insert adjective here>.

Now people tend to find common ground in things, this draws them together. A major power to do this can be culture. Something that most people in a certain country have in common is their shared history and a kinship. This can make interactions around other topics smoother, more productive… we are all speaking the “same language” so to speak.

What happens when you are in a country where the native population makes out only about 13% of the population, and the rest are made out of ex-patriots of just about every country under the sun? Get ready for some spicy and varied interactions because this is a melting pot of flavour.

The country I am referring to is the UAE, and the reason I write this is to give some thanks to some great Ubuntu and FLOSS enthusiasts that are slowly building up an Ubuntu LoCo right here. Passionate individuals from all walks of life originally coming from all over the world working together with a shared focus. It isn’t always easy, but the will is strong.

Party Time

Here is to the future and the continued growth of our Ubuntu-ae LoCo.


PS – Working on the chocolate cake for the release party guys, so don’t miss out the 7th of November or you will be sorry🙂
PPS – I haven’t attached more recent photo’s as these seemed like the more interesting of the ones available…

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